Sunday, June 20, 2010

and one more

Whenever I make a bunch of purely functional receiving blankets, I like to also include one particularly lovely not-just-functional one.
This is it.

I started with a 45in square of flannel. This one has tiny lilac flowers. Then I cut coordinating lilac checked flannel into 45 X 9 in strips. For the corner pieces, I cut 9 in squares.
I sewed 2 squares to the ends of 2 of the checked strips, and attached them to the flowered square at opposite sides, attaching the remaining 2 strips to the other 2 sides, sewing all the way across. No, it does not work to construct the strips into a square, and attach it. Flannel sometimes stretches while sewing, so attaching one strip at a time allows you to make adjustments as you go.
The border attached, I then pressed under a 1/4in finish all around, then folded the border's pressed edge to the wrong side at the seam allowance (encasing the allowance, as I press).
Before stitching the border down, I mitered the corners, trimmed, turned and everything went smoother.
After the border was stitched, I attached eyelet trim, beaded with lilac satin ribbon.

Would anyone care to see a mitering tutorial, step-by-step????
I can do that.


  1. That looks familiar! Myra has one that once looked that pretty, but has been much loved and isn't altogether lilac anymore... It's held together admirably well considering the abuse (and vomit) it's gotten.

    And a big YES to the mitering tutorial! If you have the time.

  2. So, So pretty!! I love the trim and color.