Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Paris Pants!!

I finally finished a project for moi! It was an extremely easy pair of pants, yet still took a couple of weeks to complete! s * i * g * h

The fabric is a wonderful loose-ish weave linen that I purchased recently at Sewing & Stitchery Expo. The pattern I used (LaFred's Thalia pants) were purchased at S & S Expo 4 years ago. Okay. So it took me a while. I get around to using everything I buy, eventually.

I really struggled over the best use for this fabric. I purchased it with not an idea in mind as to what I would make of it -- only that it was bottom weight or jacket weight, and I really didn't want all that busy-ness near my face. So, it would be a skirt or pants.

After I got it home, and washed it in HOT water, I was happy to discover that it wrinkled only slightly, and not unattractively, and shrunk hardly at all. Quality is always worth the investment. [read: not the cheapest fabric I've ever bought.]

Much searching, and not a little angst was involved in choosing a pattern. When I purchased the Thalia pattern, I envisioned rendering it in a soft, challis with a soft hand and a lot of drape. (I still intend to do that.) So, I had a hard time reconciling myself to using this full-bodied fabric for this project. I'm glad I talked myself into it!!

The pants are very comfortable, were easy to fit, and look nice enough for work. I immediately set about searching for a great interlock to make a t-shirt to coordinate with this, found a lovely teal for that purpose; but got sidetracked by a dear friend.
This past month at our local Quilt Club meeting, I presented a class on all of the seminars I had taken at Expo, and brought with me all of the patterns, books, CD's, and fabrics that I had purchased. One of the members admired this fabric, and remembered that she had an applique in her stash that would look wonderful with this print. She brought it to my office the next day, and I knew that I had to put it on a simple white tee.

Alas: a thorough search of all local fabric stores failed to offer the quality of interlock I was after. I wanted to wear it too soon for an Internet order to arrive, so I had to [gulp!] go to a department store and purchase a t-shirt ready made! Can you imagine? I simply couldn't find the same quality of fabric on the bolt. Where does Ralph Lauren shop for fabric?? He found just what I was after!!

I don't normally go for a 'cute' look -- but, Barbara was right: this adorable applique was just the thing for this ensemble!
I'll get that teal t-shirt made someday.


  1. Very cute fabric! Are you going to model the ensemble for us?? Can't really tell what's going on with those cute pants with them laid out on your bed. ;-P

  2. Here's a hint: they are MUCH bigger on me, than laid (tucked up) on the bed. Don't hold your breath.

  3. Okay. I added me, modeling. Happy???

  4. AlexanderLott0: Please stop posting advertisements for your porn site onto my sewing site. Surely there are better uses of your time.

  5. Way cute!! And yes, I'm happy.

  6. ROFLOL on Alexander (I'll take your word on the link). Those are GREAT pants.