Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This does not represent the greatest challenge to my skill, but I love making receiving blankets for new babies!!
These blankies are for my newest grand-daughter, Emma Rose Jones, who is due in late July.
I make the blankies bigger than standard receiving blankets -- they are 45 in square. This way they will be used for a long time -- from swaddling to summer naps to flags for living-room forts. After washing in hot water for maximum, and final, shrinkage, I true up the edges by folding a selvage to a cut edge, and clipping, then ripping the excess. Then, I search my stash of pretty colors of wooly nylon and serger thread. {note: the variegated purple is new for this project -- what do you think?}
Setting my Baby for 3-thread operation on a medium-narrow stitch, with short length, I then overcast the edges, changing threads as needed -- or as the mood strikes.
Next project for Emma Rose is a quilt made of Minkie and flannel. My grands deserve the cuddliest blankies ever!!!


  1. Logan still snuggles in his on chilly mornings (of which there haven't been recently, but still) and Myra's are keeping her babies snuggled. Best. Blankies. Ever.

  2. Receiving blankies are the best! In fact--my husband came home from the hospital wrapped in their blanket, which is the same cotton blanket, as a receiving blanket. I wrap up in it even in the summer when the air is on, when I'm sitting at night.