Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Can't Leave well Enough Alone

Today I cut out Vogue 8815 of a lovely pale pink Japanese lawn (100% long-staple cotton  -- and so lustrous!) that I bought @ Waechter's a while back.  [More on that in a later post]
After adding 4inches to the length, front and back, and raising the neckline an inch, I am mostly happy.

I like the several simple, but unusual design details in the front  --  but the more I
look at the long, straight back, the more inclined I am to embellish, somehow.

But, what?

Insert a circular godet @ lower CB to mimic the half-peplum in front??

Turn the CB seam into a placket, and cover with several artistic buttons??

Piping flanking a CB narrow panel?

Tone-on-tone embroidery detail from neck to hem??

I shall start stitching tomorrow or Thursday, so get your votes/ideas to me soon.

I anxiously await all of y'all's great input!!