Thursday, June 3, 2010

Help request

I promised that I would make up the teal interlock I had bought to go with my new pants. Towards that end, I have gotten as far as washing the fabric, and trying to select a pattern. And herein squats the toad.

I cannot decide between these 4 patterns. Each has much to recommend it. Some of them I have used before, and know what to expect, others I have not yet used, and am anxious to do so. 2 of them are surplice front (so: I am not considering the other views in these 2 patterns), yet each wraps in a different direction (meaning that one of them is the traditional female right-over-left, and the other is avant garde!) Of the other 2, one has a built-in faux shrug, that I think is adorable, but the neckline looks a tad low, and broad for modesty. I can adjust that -- but, do I want to?? The other has a cunning mini-boat-neck cum cowl. Very interesting construction on this one.

What do you, dear readers, think?? Remember: I have a short, squatty neck, full, high bust, and soft, pudgy midriff.

The fabric, on which the patterns were photographed, is 97% Sea Island Cotton/ 3% Lycra. Very soft, has a lot of drape, a little on the thin side -- quite sumptuous.

I anxiously await your opinions.


  1. Aaah! I had just typed a dissertation, and blogger lost it!! Grr!! Here is the cliff's notes. Most flattering on you would be an open neckline. If your knit is quite drapey, I think the cowl neck would be a good option, if it is more stable, the surplice tops (either one).

  2. Shoot! I wanted to read the dissertation! [I pride myself on NEVER having used Cliff Notes!]

    I'm liking the cowl also -- although the faux shrug is kind of cute . . .

  3. I think (after some difficult deliberation) that I like the cowl neck thingy too. Sheesh. They're all cute, aren't they? But I think that one might be the most flattering plus being cute, so there you go.

    Or, you know, one of the other ones. Ack.

  4. I vote for the cowl, or the top right one. I thought about the top left one for myself but was afraid it would emphasize my hips too much, since there seems to be a lot of fabric sitting there. (now you're most certainly better endowed than I am, so it may be fabulous for you.) I also thought about the faux shrug before, but I agree with your assessment of the neckline, and I didn't know how all that fabric right in my armpit would feel. (your armpits may feel differently about it.) Your fabric looks yummy!

  5. Hi Sarahbelle. I think that all these patterns are great choices. I love the one with the cowl neck - it's a lovely style and would suit you really well. However, to go with your gorgeous pants it might be better to go with one of those surplice tops which would give a sleeker outline to balance the pants. The pattern with the built in shrug has the most wow factor but I know that if it were me I would be cautious of that low, wide neckline. I think that whichever you choose will look fabulous in that wonderful teal fabric.

  6. I love the cowl neck pattern best, but I may be biased because I have that pattern and mean to make it myself. Which one do YOU really like best?

  7. I think wrap styles are flattering on most figure types as long as they aren't too clingy. I am a grandmother with similar a body type as you. If I were making this for myself, I would probably go with the cowl, which seems to be the most popular suggestion. But, I love the wraps too. I personally wouldn't like the shrug top on me, because I have big arms and I think it would emphasis them!
    I love your daughter's blog and I'm so glad to have found yours! Your name is beautiful. I have a Sarah!

  8. I vote for the open necked version of Today's Fit 8151. I think you will want to stabilize the crossover part to keep it from stretching too much. Your fabric looks pretty drapey. The high neck and cowl styles work better for small busted women, I think because they tend to make the bust look bigger.

    I will be watching to see what you make.

    P.S. - I have a Sara as well - love that name!

    :)Deb M.

  9. I love your Paris pants! I can tell you that the Christine Jonson pattern is cut REALLY tight. It is supposed to
    s-t-r-e-t-c-h on your body, light tights.

  10. Okay. Thanks to all, and keep 'em coming!
    The shrug is off the table. The two wraps are in the lead (with Sandra Betzina's edging Christine Johnson's out ever so slightly), but the cowl is not completely dismissed.
    s * i * g * h
    I'm thinking the cowl looks more fall/winter, and for this, I want something that will also work for summer.
    Still thinking. I have some receiving blankets to make, whilst I think over patterns . . . .

  11. I agree - we have the same figure I think - anything with a V or open neckline - great pants by the way:)

  12. I love the cowl neck. I know your talented daughter, Katie, from the ward. Her projects are always so inspirational. I am excited that she has opened this window for me.

  13. Done.
    With the decision-making part of this, (sometimes the hardest aspect of a project!)
    I, too, love a cowl neck, but I'm not sure I want this cowl neck for this fabric. Drapey, yes, but it has some weight to it, and the last thing I need is bending over at work and providing a spectacular display!
    Also: for these pants (and another pair and 2 skirts that I plan to wear with this shirt), simpler is better. so: I have decided to make this up in one of the surplice wraps. I decided on the Christine Johnson design because: 1) there is an abbreviated princess-seam, so the wrap doesn't wrap as far, and will stay closed better. Also: more vertical lines down my front may have a visually slimming effect. and 2) the gathers (and inherent bulk) are above my problem area, and I think it may be more slimming.

    Thanks to all for your input -- it really helped clarify aspects of each pattern.
    Pictures of the final project will follow in a few weeks.