Saturday, July 17, 2010

No time to sew, but still sewing . . .

This past week I taught a group of 7 wonderful young ladies (age range: 7 - 13 yrs.) some of the basics of sewing. In an intensive, 5 hr/day - 5 day week, we learned about sewing machine functions, care and maintenance of one's machine, fabric selection, pattern selection, fabric preparation, pattern layout, seam construction, seam finishes, elastic insertion, understitiching, construction differences between woven and knit fabrics, embellishment, waiting one's turn for help, and the fact that Miss Sarah does not, in fact have the instructions to every pattern ever printed in her head,and that one should read the instruction sheet and try to understand before giving up and whining. I'll admit: this last was hard-learned. I am exhausted!!!!

The girls each made a knit T-shirt, and coordinating sleep pants. A couple of the girls finished their basic project early, and made tote bags, which I e
mbroidered with their names. Here is a picture of the motley crew at week's end.

After a hard, but fun week of learning the language of sewing, we then had cake!!!!
Now, back to projects at home for myself. Maybe. First: a nap.


  1. They are so cute!! The one with the skull theme did an awesome job on her shirt - what a cool decal!

  2. That shirt was purchased.
    Only her pants were constructed in class.

  3. What lucky young girls to have someone like you teaching them this invaluable skill that some of them will continue to use the rest of their lives.

  4. What a big project! Congrats on finishing!
    They will probably always remember it.

  5. Having taught FACS in middle school for many years, I know what an undertaking this is. Blessings to anyone who passes on the tradition of needle arts, whether by hand or by machine. But when you get past all the whining, it is so FANTASTIC to see them feel good about making something themselves.