Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Duckies and a Onesie

The other 2 fabrics that were mentioned in the previous post, are now sewn up and on their way to a new home.

One of the fabrics was a long and wide length of super-soft cotton interlock that has little rubber duckies on it. I bought it to make a dress for Emma Rose, but as you see, it was enough to get a dress, pants, and ducky applique. There was still nearly a yard left over that is gone to Emma's Aunt Katie who will make something wonderful for Myra of it.

The dress and pants patterns are from Burda Issue 12/2006. The pattern directed me to sew buttons at the top of each godet insertion on the front, but I thought embroidered duckies were a better idea. That success inspired the ducky applique on the coordinating top. Sometimes, I just don't know when to stop myself.

Of course, the ensemble wasn't complete without an actual rubber ducky. When Fergus tires of playing with it, I'll send it on to Emma. I will. Really.

Also, at a deep discount was this darling little pink/purple/yellow bug print. Whilst visiting Myra's mommy, I found the perfect pattern to use for it: from the recent issue of Ottobre, I found this wonderful onsie-with-skirt. Seriously: how cute is that???

Binding made of coordinating hot pink interlock finished the garment, but the outfit was completed with the addition of hot pink sandals, and hot pink, sparkly shades.
Emma will be so chic!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

$2.00 Outfit --- $2.00!!!!!

I pretty much always love sewing something cute for my adorable grandchildren, but how great is it when I can make something for them with so little money!?!?

This outfit for Brody began with a trip to Jo-Ann's for zippers to replace 2 that had broken. I went to Jo-Ann's for zippers. Just zippers. Really. I only needed zippers.

Alas, the Clearance section in the back of the store beckoned me. Haven't you ever had that happen?? Here I was, headed to the checkout with my 2 zippers, when a small, yet insistent voice could be heard from the back of the store, "Sar - ah. Sar r-r-r-ah! We have bargains back here." It would have been rude to not go and look.

I found 3 super-cute cotton interlock prints that needed to be children's tops/dresses. 2 of them will be outfits for Emma Rose (to be blogged about on completion), but this little print wanted to be part of a new short set for Brody. It told me so.

The fabric was $3.00/yd., but I only needed 1/2 to 3/4 of a yard to get Brody a shirt. Allowing for the possibility of shrinkage, I bought 3/4 yard. After deducting my professional discount, and adding tax, I paid just under $2.00. There was no shrinkage, and it was much wider than needed, so Katie (of www.katiekadiddlehopper.blogspot.com) will likely get a shirt for Duncan out of the remnants.
The pattern, thread, and ribbing were all ready on hand - remnants of sweatshirts/T's made long ago - and so, cost nothing.
The shirt wanted a cute pair of shorts to go with it, so I rummaged through my stash and found a great length of linen/rayon gabardine that I bought to make a skirt or pants for myself of. I haven't decided what to make of this gab, so I don't really know how much I'll need; but it is a weird width - 58 in. - so I used the 13in. difference in its width and a standard 45 in., to cut a pair of shorts. That way, I still have plenty of length for whatever I ultimately decide to make. The thread, elastic, and embroidery thread for the shorts were all leftovers from other projects, so my only investment is the original $2.00 spent on the interlock, and a coulple of very enjoyable hours. It goes in the mail Monday.

I can't wait to see how cute Brody is in it!!!