Monday, January 13, 2014

Project Reveal

Warning!  Serious cuteness follows:

I finished the Grand-girls' dresses.  Oh(!)  My stars!  I can hardly handle how gaudy-cute they are.  Really  --  the riot of bright and bilious pinks, paisley, dots and stripes is a significant affront to all that is tasteful.

Myra and Emma are going to love them!!!

I started with a pattern from modkid that was on sale @ Waechter's  (one of several places in Asheville that I plan to pleasantly haunt after I die).  This purchase was made in August, with no immediate plans for use.  That changed a couple of weeks ago, when a post-holiday sale at House of Fabric included 3 of the brightest Hot Pink prints at 60% off.  I made a wild guess and bought 3/4 yard of each.  Once I started laying the pattern out, I realized that my estimate was conservative in the extreme.  a quick trip to Needle Me This netted 2 more prints --  the pink/brown batik and the bright stripe  --  and a search through my  stash added the narrow stripe, solid (Emma's dress) and the pale pink spot (Myra's dress).

I mightn't have needed so much more fabric, had I omitted the hood  --  but, I had no intention of doing that!!!

The pattern proved interesting.  Instead of line sketches in the information sheet(s), glossy, full-color photos are used.  This seems like a good idea, and for me it was fine; but a novice sewist might find the plethora of details difficult to focus on.  A line sketch generally only shows the details that are pertinent to each step.  It didn't slow me down, since I use information sheets as a 'suggestion'; but I wouldn't suggest this pattern to someone who is just learning to sew.  Modkid patterns are best for a sewist with a little experience under his/her belt.
Otherwise the instructions mostly made sense, except for the hood.  I was instructed to completely construct the hood, and its lining, then set it aside until the bodice was completely constructed.  Why not just include its construction at the time it is attached???
Overall, these were fun to make!
I shall include pictures of the girls' wearing them, as soon as I receive them. [AHEM!!]

Added, 17 Jan 2014
As promised, some adorable pic's of one of the dresses, modeled by its new owner. 
I give you, HRC Myra, Princess of Hearts:

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bustin' the Stash

Or, in my case:   the ST-A-A-A-A-SH.

I'll take that pledge:

     I, Sarah Colley Jones, aka:  SarahbelleSews, commit to fabric from my stash for at least 90% of all sewing projects in the coming year (2014); purchasing only such fabric or notions as are needed to complete a project that is 'stash-derived' in is genesis.

This should be fun!!

  Join us, won't you???

Flab update (sans photos)

Firstly:  why no photos???
So many reasons:
   1)  changes aren't profound enough to be visible, so  --  what would be the point?
   2)  it's awfully cold on the mountain, today, and this much goose-pimpled blue flesh in not at all appealing
   3)  can't find the blue polka-dotted swimsuit.

I shall, instead give what vitals I have.
This does not purport to be stupendous.  It has been very slo-o-o-o-o-o-w going.  Things started off nicely, with me attending a 12-week-long course of nutrition, exercise and behaviour modification taught at a local hospital.  It was a really good course, with some wonderful teachers, and great materials.  I can't honestly say that I learned a lot of new things (as an Extension Agent, I had all ready taken/taught much the same course, with many of the same materials); but, being accountable helped me stay on course.
Until I got a new job, that required immediate travel.
For 2 months I lived in a hotel, ate in restaurants, and never exercised.  I didn't even weigh myself.  I really didn't want to know.
Then the job started, and things went from bad to worse.  It was a horrible job, full of stress, late hours, crazy hours,  erratic eating schedule to NO eating schedule, and  --  did I mention stress???
The job now exists only on my resume (as I once again embark on THE JOB SEARCH), and my eating and exercising are back on track.  I'm even sleeping regularly. (!!)

Here are the numbers at this point, in what is proving to be a long journey:

Weight:  238     [down:  22 pounds]
BMI:      37.3    [down:  3.7pts.]
Bust:     49.5     [down: .5 in]
Waist:     45      [down:  3in.]
Hips:      52       [down: 4in.]
BP:        108/68    [down from (day I quit my job) 210/168]
Serum Glucose:  105   [down:  85]

So, my clothes aren't exactly falling off of me, but the ones that were uncomfortably snug, are now comfortable, and a couple of things that I couldn't even zip up 6 months ago now fit - more or less.  But the labs are far less scary-looking  (YAY!!!), and I am starting to feel better, sleep better, and have slightly more energy.

It's a nice, little start.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sneak Peek

I have just started sewing matching dresses for my grand-girls  [aka:  Myra Moo and Emma Boo, whose nicknames not only rhyme with each other's, but also with, "I love you"].  No other details, yet, but some calico found on sale, and many scraps/remnants from my stash are involved.

Here is a picture of the hood:

Yes, I said: "hood".

I think it wants a Hot Pink tassel, don't you?