Monday, April 12, 2010

Rare product endorsement

I have been trying lately to organize my prodigious stash of fabric. {More about that in a later post.} I am interrupting my organizing endeavors to offer a rare endorsement of a specific product, and tell you how it returned my sweet Maximus to my good graces.

This past summer my hubby and I traveled to the Pacific Northwest (our spiritual home, if not our physical one). En route back home we stopped at Pendleton, OR to tour the Pendleton Woolen mills (totally worth a detour if you are anywhere near it). A great tour was followed by an even greater shopping opportunity at the outlet store. I bought so many lengths of wool, we had to take two trips to take the bags out to the truck.

A month or so ago, on my first fledgling attempt to organize the sewing room, I discovered that Maximus had marked a folded piece of fine, soft wool gabardine. Maximus!!! What is going on here? He has been neutered, has no competition for the litter box, wasn't ill -- I have no explanation for it. I took the fabric to 3 different cleaners in 2 different towns - to no avail. No one would attempt to clean it. I set it aside while I did some research and contemplated.

It looked as though this lovely fabric was destined to be shrunk and misshapen and spotted in the hot water and vinegar/buttermilk/soda/soap/lemon juice concoctions that were offered to me as possible remedies. Before reducing my 5 yd., 60 wide length of fabric to a 4yd., 56 wide piece of rumply gray stuff; I tried one more thing: I thoroughly doused the putrid-smelling areas with Febreeze Pet Odor Eliminator. I hoped that it might reduce enough of the smell that I could get the last of it out with cold water and mild soap. Wrong. It took out ALL of the smell!!! All of it!!!

My lovely fabric is saved, and Max is once again my favorite kitty.
As if I could resist that cute face!


  1. That is a totally great tip! When I used to have a cat (other than the new one we have now), he one day (for no known reason) sprayed a quilt that I had laying on a chair in the bedroom. Same thing, never happened before, never happened again. Oh MAN was that a stinky mess. I finally got some sort of enzyme treatment from a local vet. Which did completely remove the odor. And stain my quilt a brilliant blue. Neat.

    I am keeping this stuff on my list of things to have on hand. Thanks!!

  2. Good to know. I'm glad that it came out - that would be sad to ruin all that pretty wool.