Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fabric Disbursement -- Finis!

This marks the last installment of new fabrics looking for homes.
I shall continue to update those claimed, as they are gone.
Let's get right to it:

This is another piece of upholstery fabric. It is very heavy crushed velvet. I made a pantsuit out of this material when I was in high School -- only it was in turquoise. Hey: it was the '70's! This piece measures 3.5 yd X 56in.

This great lovely is going to a sweet lady in New England who recently updated her church's on-line bookkeeping system -- bringing The Friends into the 21st Century. Ironically, she is using this fabric to make a costume for a Renaissance Festival! I just love creative people!

This lot features a herringbone acrylic tweed-type fabric. Very substantial. Perhaps it could be a vest?? It measures 1.375 yd. X 54in. With it is a Royal Blue poly crepe knit that measures 1.375 yd. X 64in.

Next up is a silver-gray polyester double knit that is 1.5 yd. X 56in. It is featured with a white poly ribbed double knit that is also 1.5 yd X 56 in.

Finally: a silkie jacquard that is labeled, "Hamill Textiles 1986" it measures 1 yd X 45 in. With it are some weirdly-shaped remnants of peach cotton interlock. I remember the shirt I made out of this. I literally wore it out, I loved it so much! Great color, super comfy, and refused to stain! The main piece measures 1.875 yd long, and half of it is 23 in wide, the other half is 14 in wide. There are also 2 large scraps with it -- one could be short sleeves, the other could be ribbing or pocket or facing.

That's all for the time being. Now: let's get stitching!!!

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