Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fabric Disbursement -- Day 2

The rules for earning these fabrics are detailed in my post of 20 April. Come on, people! Get yourselves some free fabric while making your part of the world a little better. Win, win, win!

Let's get right to this:

This lot features a panel of 9 Nursery Rhyme scenes. Someone gave it to me years ago thinking I would make a Quiet Book. Not quite. The Teddy Bear print is a cotton/poly muslin that measures 3.75 X 45. The polka dot plise isn't meant to coordinate, but it matches the colors in the bear print nicely. It is 1 yd X 45.

This group is all linen. The piece on the left is a loosely woven, thick-ish linen in a natural color with oatmeal slubs. It measures a weird 1 yd X 58. The print is beige linen with palm trees embroidered allover. It is .875 yd. X 58. The coordinating plain linen is 1.125 yd. X 58.

This has a new home.

This group has soft, thin fabrics with a lot of drape. The blue is a poly that measures 2 yd. X 26. The stripe is a poly/rayon shirting that measures 2.875 yd X 60. The one that appears to be pink (bad lighting?) is actually white. It is Quiana Nylon, and measures 2.125 yd X 65. I have clearly had this one a while!

These are gone.

This group was put together because I like the way the colors looked next each other! The dark purple is a stretch velour that measures 2.3 yd. X 40. The Thai silk print (my hubby brought it back from Thailand in 1988) is a tube (maybe my mother cut off a dress. ?) that is 20in X 42. The lilac is a gabardine that must have been used for bias binding, because there is a 2in bias strip cut out of the middle, resulting in 2 triangles which, if sewn together, would measure .75 yd X 56 in.

This fabulous pair consists of a pink and ivory cotton ticking (heavier that broadcloth, lighter than poplin) that measures 2.875 yd X 60. The print is a polished cotton that measures 2 yd X 45in. The photo does not convey how beautifully these two coordinate. (Purchased years and miles apart -- the ticking at the Ft. Bragg PX and the cotton at Fabricland in Tacoma, WA -- neither of which still sell fabric) The pink stripe and flowers match exactly. I can almost see a little girl's dress of the ticking and pinafore of the print. Anyone out there sew for a little girl?? Anyone? Anyone at all??
These will be something beautiful soon.


  1. The ticking and polished cotton are spoken for; and sweet, but rambunctious children were cared for in a Church Nursery by a willing substitute. Way to go!

  2. Ooh, you saved some good stuff for today!

  3. Porsha: I am having trouble translating your messages. Which dialect is this?? Thanks for reading my little blog! I know I am going to enjoy your comments more when I have a clearer understanding!

  4. I think Porsha may be spamming you. All the periods are actually links and it doesn't look like they go to very savory websites...