Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fabric Disbursement -- Day 3

2 fabric lots are gone, 8 originals remain, and here are 5 more for your consideration:

This first lot features a piece of insulated nylon (thin batting is bonded to thick nylon tricot). A bright orange-red, it measures 3.3 yd X 45in and begs to be Little Red Riding Hood's cloak. With it is a piece of red leopard print pinwale corduroy. Why is this in my collection?? It is 1.5 yd X 44in. It could be a child's overalls.

This lot has a green/black, silk/wool boucle knit that my husband brought back from Thailand in 1990. I made my "Chanel" jacket out of most of it. That's an interesting story . . . you probably don't want to hear it . . . it measures 1.125 yd X 62 in. The other piece is a black/silver print on gray cotton/silk gabardine. Bought in Dubai, it was a skirt for Varina (I think) and left a remnant that is .667 yd X 60in.

These are destined to new clothes.

You want knits? I've got some knits. (I once worked for Jantzen -- great employee discount!) The Ice Cream stripe (green, blue and pink on yellow) is a 68 in tubular knit that is 2.25 yd long. Next to it is a pink/gray cotton/Lycra piece that is .75 yd X 58 in. Lastly, there is a soft, cotton/poly pale yellow rib knit. It is 1.125 yd X 64 in.
Gone. gone to a sewist who has recently discovered knits

Here we have upholstery fabrics. This is odd, because I don't upholster, and don't care to learn. These were given to me by a kind, but relentless neighbor who didn't take "no" for an answer. The gold one with cream and coral fleur des lys on the left was cut to cover a bulletin board once, and that piece is 1 yd X 54 in. Remaining are pieces that measure 1.125 yd X 30 in and .5 yd X 84 in. The one on the right is a heavy silver acetate with turquoise flowers and charcoal stems. This monster measures 8 or 9 (I lost my place and didn't want to start over) yd X 48 in.

Finally: the children's lot. This features another Daisy Kingdom blue and white cotton print, Bouquet de Fleur #26417, and measures 1 yd X 44in. Next is a pink flocked cotton (you don't see that fabric every day [anymore]) that measures 4.125 yd X 45 in. Finally, we have a peach and white cotton eyelet that measures .667 X 42 in.
What will you do to earn these????


  1. Sarah, I love the children's bunch pictured above (blue, pink, peach). If it is still available, I would love it. For volunteering, I already do - teaching Sunday school at our church every week, plus the work I do with Catholic Daughters in our church, and donate handmade items to our festival every September. I always have an hour at least every week.

  2. Oh I guess I need to leave an email

  3. Myra:

    It is yours, and welcome to it!! I am so glad for this to go to a home that loves children!
    Also, take a look at some of the Daisy Kingdom prints from previous posts, I can happily include them in the same package, if you like.
    Send your physical address to me at:, and I shall get it in Monday's mail!!