Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Great Fabric Disbursement

The past 2 weekends (yes, 2!) I have cleaned out, organized and scrutinized my prodigious fabric stash. And then I culled the herd.
I have been saving "quilt scraps" from projects for as long as I have sewn. [No admissions on my age, or that of my scraps, but they are all pre-Watergate era] Back then, I didn't know anything about quilting, so I saved everything. Now that I know a little more, I only quilt with natural fibers, mostly cotton, and no blends. So, I threw out every tiny piece of fabric that was not 100% single-fiber, or, whose fiber content was unknown. I filled 3 42-gallon trash bags.
I then separated out every large remnant that is usable, but which I didn't necessarily want. The stack is over 4-ft high. At this point I wish to stress to my husband (who will read this on Facebook), that NONE of my fabric rejects were pieces that I purchased, and changed my mind about. They are instead, mostly pieces that I was given by kind friends, won in raffles, and remnants of pieces that I sewed up (and wore), but had some leftovers.
I should like to divest myself of these treasures.
This is where you, dear readers, come in: Some of the lots are pictured below, with measurements and brief details. If you desire to have any of them for your very own, here is how you 'buy' them:

For every lot of fabric(s) that you want, you must donate 1 hour of your time to any one of the following worthy causes:

Habitat for Humanity
The Humane Society
your local children's hospital
your local women's shelter
Veteran's Administration Hospital or Home
the Public Library
the Church, Synagogue or Mosque of your choice

E-Mail me at: sarahbelle7@gmail.com with your choice of fabric lot(s), what you have done to earn it, and your physical address, and it is yours. That's all there is to it.
Each day, until I run out, I shall post more pictures of offerings, and update the existing list. Here are today's offerings:
Remember Supplex?? These were purchased in 1990. This is a woven Nylon that resists water, and wicks well. It is great for men's swim shorts, or windbreakers. The print is 1.5 yds X 62W, and the purple is 1.125yd X 56W.

This lot has 3 cut pieces , 56 X 45, dbl border, and 1 allover design that measures 31 X 43. They are gauze, purchased at a Sari shop in Houston's Harwin St. I think I intended them for curtains (which is why they are cut) but they didn't suit. Added is a triangle of stretch velour that matches the gauze perfectly. Coincidence. The triangle measures 1.5 yd long X 56 at widest point. I don't know why I have this.

This lot found a home with a lovely young sewist who helped the youth of a neighborhood church (not even her own home church!) organize and manage an art sale to raise funds for their philanthropic endeavors. Way to go!!!

This is a re-embroidered cotton batik that I bought at the Souks in Dubai in 2004. It is an uncut piece of 2yd X 45, plus a cut piece of nearly a yd. The picture doesn't do the red/gold/bronze embroidery justice.

This one is gone.

These 2 pieces used to be sheets, and are still hemmed. I did NOT buy the plaid sheet. Probably, it came from my mother, who never saw a linen sale she didn't love. At one point someone cut it up for something. It now measures: one piece of 2.3 yd X 84, and a piece of 1 yd X 42. Also in this lot are 5 panels (used to be curtains) of cotton/poly batiste that measure
2.25 yd X 21, each.

These 2 pieces are Daisy Kingdom cotton prints. The peach one is "Little Lamb # 20428" It has a double border, and measures 1.625 X 42.
The pink one is "Kitty Angel #15411" It measures 2 yd X 42. Someone is sure to love these.

All of these fabrics are from a smoke-free home of cat-lovers. Do not be surprised if your fabric has great tufts of white hair from my beloved, late Kitty Dave, or a fine sprinkling of little black hairs from my sweet Maximus. They like to be nearby when I sew.

Tomorrow I shall post more pictures, and an update of your fine efforts on behalf of your community.


  1. This is a fun idea! I'm going to post about it on my blog.

    I remember some of that fabric...

  2. Here's one I didn't post: Pinky and the Brain on a black background. I have less than a quarter yard, but I am saving it for Dan'l's daughter.