Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Can't Leave well Enough Alone

Today I cut out Vogue 8815 of a lovely pale pink Japanese lawn (100% long-staple cotton  -- and so lustrous!) that I bought @ Waechter's a while back.  [More on that in a later post]
After adding 4inches to the length, front and back, and raising the neckline an inch, I am mostly happy.

I like the several simple, but unusual design details in the front  --  but the more I
look at the long, straight back, the more inclined I am to embellish, somehow.

But, what?

Insert a circular godet @ lower CB to mimic the half-peplum in front??

Turn the CB seam into a placket, and cover with several artistic buttons??

Piping flanking a CB narrow panel?

Tone-on-tone embroidery detail from neck to hem??

I shall start stitching tomorrow or Thursday, so get your votes/ideas to me soon.

I anxiously await all of y'all's great input!!


  1. I like the idea of a button placket down the back. I think too much back interest would take away from the front and be distracting but a placket would add interest without taking away from the simplicity of the design. I'd also worry that piping or embroidery would stiffen the lawn and make it too poufy in back. No one wants to add visual weight back there, eh?

  2. i gave all of those ideas careful consideration before mentioning them. This is the fabric i bought with the Mother's Day GC you and Mich sent me -- I can't believe I forgot to show it to you when y'all were here!!!
    if I added a functional neck to hem placket, it certainly would add to the weight and body of the back. mostly because of interfacing, and extra layers of fabric. piping might yield the same result. but an embroidered design wouldn't alter the overall drape of the garment, into.
    I am, however leaning toward the godet. it's effect will depend on size, and its size will depend on available fabric, once I am done cutting. (still on the fence regarding sleeve length) I am, however disinclined to add different, especially contrasting colors or textures. i want to keep things 'soft'
    Within those parameters, what do you think?????

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