Friday, September 27, 2013


Well, shoot!

I opened the blog tonight to post about a completely different project than this, but discovered that I had started telling you about, and seeking opinions of, a blouse that I have now finished, and worn several times.

Mea Culpa.

So:  the V8815.
It turned out great!   I lengthened the hem about 4 inches, as it fell at a most unflattering [read:  FAT] point of my body that I prefer a garment to skim over  .  .  .  and I decided to do a tone-on-tone machine-embroidery CB embellishment.

Here's how I did it:

After serging the edges of the CB seam allowance (set my Baby Lock to "B", which is a narrow-ish ["D" is for rolled hems, by comparison], tight stitch), I pressed under  3/4 in., then threaded matching rayon embroidery floss in the needle of my Pfaff, and ultra fine gauge machine-embroidery polyester bobbin thread in the bobbin.  I selected a heart-trellis design, and stitched each side 1/4 in. from the folded edge, with the hearts facing in opposite directions.
Then it got really fun!   I needed to stitch these two back pieces together, so, after marking 6 in. from neck edge (for keyhole opening), and 6 in. from hem (for ease of movement, and to mirror neck opening), I abutted the two folded, embroidered edges together and connected them with an X-design fagotting stitch.

So easy!   So pretty!

Of course, the whole project started with this necklace, and my desire to have a 'backdrop' for it.

What do you think??


  1. Pretty! The little hearts are a nice touch. I want to see the front!!