Saturday, June 29, 2013

Quilt Project [so far]

I recently began a long-term project of constructing a queen-sized quilt.  When I described the steps involved (the greatly condensed version of the steps involved) to my daughter, she replied, "So, then, quilting is basically the most tedious form of sewing, ever?"  (This from someone who spins her own yarn, pre-hand-knitting???)
Well  .  .  . yeah, actually.  It is also very gratifying.  Also, unlike clothes sewn for ungrateful offspring, quilts are never out-grown  --  they always fit.

What follows is a small example of the tedium involved in quilt-piecing, and making.

Note:  I left out pictures of cutting each piece of fabric, and of pressing
 seams.  Talk about tedium???  Sheesh!!

First,  select basic fabrics.   I love batiks, and these three looked nice together.  The multi-color dominates the design.

Cut core fabrics into 5 inch squares.  480 of them.

Squares are sewn together in a 4-block,   (sorry  --  failed to take picture of this step), then sub-cut diagonally, switch halves (purple-coral, and purple-teal) and sew together to form pinwheel.

Sub-cut pinwheel 1.5 inches off center, rotate alternate blocks in outer rows, re-stitch to make this block:

Stitch together 4 blocks to make dominant square.

30, or so, of these squares sewn together make the quilt top which then resembles an argyle plaid.

It is coming along.  I have preformed up to step 3 with all of the fabric. I can't quite yet see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I can see the tunnel, rather than merely believing that it exists.

More photos IAW developments.


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