Monday, August 31, 2009


For those of you who are learning the ways of the sewers, let me explain: a sloper is a muslin mock-up of a planned garment. It will be fitted, tweaked, re-fitted, re-tweaked ad infinitum until it is the desired shape, size, etc. of the intended garment. Then it will be ripped up and serve as the pattern pieces.
Couturiers and bespoke shirtmakers use slopers to custom-fit garments for their most discerning clients. Slopers are also used to produce a perfectly fitting garment when the client is not available for fittings. Once a sloper is made, an infinite number of garments can be made from it, wihtout the client having to come in for the many fittings a couture garment usually requires. For this reason I am undertaking the making of a sloper.
My son, Daniel, just announced his engagement to a lovely girl whom I had the pleasure of meeting this past weekend. [I know. Daniel got himself engaged to girl I hadn't even met. He used to be my favourite.] Kali had her heart set on a stunning, elegant gown that can only be special ordered -- in 4 months. The wedding is set for October.
Katie (of katiekadiddlehopper) and I scrutinized the pictures of the gown on-line and decided that we could make it in 6 weeks. (!)
It has a close-fitting, princess-seamed bodice that laces up the back, and a multi-layered full tulle skirt, whose overskirt separates into ruffles at CB. Really beautiful.
Then inspiration struck. When Kate was in college (St. Mary's University, 1999) I made her an evening gown that had a basque-waisted, princess-seamed bustier that laced up the back. Just like Kali's dress. Kate still had the bustier. Kali tried it on, and only minor adjustments were needed for fit, plus the addition of long sleeves, and the raising of the neckline, front and back. Easy!!
I took copious measurements, made many marks, and took lots of notes.
All that remains, is to transfer all that information onto muslin.
Stay tuned.
This is going to get interesting!

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