Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Slopers, part deux

On the left, you see the sloper for the bodice of Kali's Wedding Gown. I shall, of course, be sharing with you all the details of the construction of said gown, so the sloper eventually, will bear little resemblance to the finished product. If it looks strangely unfinished, and way too colourful -- it is. It is constructed with basting stitches that are not intended to be permanent -- so I used up little bits of bobbin threads. Kali's sloper is ready for the mail, and I have 3 clean bobbins!
On the right is a sloper for a vest I am making for David's Aunt Neno. If you look closely, you can see each piece labelled with the name of the panel, and the name of the wearer, and date of construction. This is the way courtiers and tailors label slopers.
I didn't bother to do that with Kali's sloper, as we assume this is the only Wedding Dress she will ever need, or want!