Friday, June 15, 2012

Acronyms & Terms of Qrazy Quilters

This was handed out in our local quilt club meeting this week.  It is too wonderful to keep to myself!

BBT = Be Back Tomorrow
BOB = Beginner's Only Block
BOM = Block of the Month
BOW = Block of the Week
BRICKS = 5in x 9.5in precut fabric pieces
CHARM PACK = Package of pre-cut charm squares
CHARMS = small pieces of fabrics cut into squares, or, sometimes, hexagons
COC = Cream on Cream
CT = Connecting Threads
D4P = Double 4 Patch
D9P = Disappearing 9 Patch
DESSERT ROLL =  5in x WOF strips x 10 strips
DIC = Double Irish Chain
DIMES = 10in squares
DIY = Do It Yourself
DSM = Domestic Sewing machine
DWR = Double Wedding Ring
EPP = English Paper Piecing
EQ = Electronic Quilting Software
F8/FE = Fat Eighth = 9in x 22in cut of fabric
FAD = Fun And Done
FABRIHOLIC = This is not a word.  No one who sews, mends, quilts or crafts can have too much  fabric.  If this were a real malady, there would be medical studies and government programs available.  I am not in denial, because you can't deny a problem that doesn't exist.
FART = Fabric Acquisition Road Trip
FQ = FAT QUARTER =  18in x 22in cut of fabric
FFP = Finally Finished Project
FIU = Finish It Up
FLIMSY = Finished top of quilt, not yet quilted and bound
FM/FMQ = Free Motion Quilting
FOUNDATION FABRIC = The fabric on the bottom of your stash that supports the weight of all the piles of fabric on top of it.
FROG STITCHING = removing stitched seams (rip it, rip it, rip it)
FS = Forgotten Stash   If this tragedy ever happens to you, you must immediately put your house on the market, and go buy a bigger one. Or, kick out the two oldest children - your choice.
FW = Featherweight
FWS or, FWSQ = Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt
GFG = Grandmother's Flower Garden
GTG = Get ToGether
NICKEL = 5in x 5in square cut of fabric
PIGLET = See: F8
WOF = Width Of Fabric

Most crafts have their own language.  Ours is as colorful as the clothes and quilts we make!!

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