Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ta da!!!!

Go ahead.
Extend praise for the extreme adorableness of this dress.
I can take it.

Previous dilemma is solved (both embroidery AND pleats were used in the faux cummerbund section of the sash.  Results are here.

This little dress is for my Grand, Emma R.W. Jones, who is attending a family wedding next month, and wanted new duds for it.  I am only too happy to comply.
The bride's chosen colours are purple, light green and pink (s). When I saw this purple-flower printed eyelet, everything else just fell into place.

I used Butterick 3762 for the dress, which is the same pattern I used for Emma, and her cousin Myra's Christmas dresses, but with very different results. [I can't believe that between Facebook, and blogs, I cannot find ANY pictures of the girls' Christmas dresses to show you!!  Trust me:  they were adorable!!!  Cute dresses, too.]
Since the eyelet is much lighter weight than the velvet I had previously used, I felt the skirt could be fuller.  I also wanted it longer.  Easily done.   Intending to have a very deep hem incorporated into the pleats, I added 8in. to the length, and increased the width of the skirt pieces by 70%. 
I think I got the fullness I wanted.

I cut the skirt's lining (a Swiss batiste) to the same width as the skirt.   This gives the dress' skirt plenty of fullness, but I didn't want excessive bulk around such a tiny, delicate waist.  So, while I gathered the eyelet for the skirt, the lining was taken in with knife pleats all around, to reduce overall bulk.

I am very happy with the results, and can't wait to share pictures of Emma Rose wearing it with you!!

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