Friday, March 30, 2012

Handmade Purse, Part deux

I promised (myself) a re-do, and here it is:

Same bag, same pattern, different fabrics, problem fixed.

Here's what's different:
Flap is sewn onto correct side of bag for closure.
Interfacing is fused to shell fabric, rather than lining.
More pockets added to opposite side of lining.
New pockets are deeper than called for.
Shallow (original) pockets are placed higher up.

The deeper pockets means that I have a handy place for my phone, passport, and bottles of Gluten-Free Salad dressing and GF Tamari sauce that I carry.  Having additional pockets means that I don't loose small items in a large, dark bag.  The only items in the bag's body are wallet, makeup bag, and Kindle.

The bag is made of remnants of sueded Ostrich hide leftover from a suit I made for a class project in College.  The lining is a remnant of the first Maternity dress I made as a grandmother-to-be.  I am certain that someone will recognize it.

I like this re-do very much!
So much, that I have purchased a book on making bags, and am happily planning upcoming projects.

What do you think???


  1. I love it!!! Did you make the piping from the shoe fabric, too? So freaking cute!
    That was my favorite maternity dress. I always got so many compliments on it.

  2. Oh, yes. Very little (other than time) gets wasted around here.