Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Skyline Redux

Sometimes I am not quite as finished sewing a garment as I think I am.
Such was the case with the skyline skirt.

The first wearing of it illustrated 2 significant flaws:   1) tiny bits of the lace edged lining showed in 2 spots.  Had the showing been even all around, I should have called it a design element, and pretended it was intentional.  Such was not the case.  I had a spot of lace an inch deep X 4 inches wide showing in the right side, and another spot 1/4inch deep X 2 inches wide in the front.  Also: 2)  Despite what I thought were careful measurements, the waist was a little loose.

Fixing both were relatively easy, if atypical.  Typically, if a hem is too long, one turns it up and re-sews.  This may, or may not involve letting out the stitching of the original hem. This method does not work when the hem's edge is the scallop of a lace.  Another option would have been to remove the original stitching that affixed the lace to the lining fabric, move it up an inch, and re-stitch.  This method, however would have involved an act that is as anathema to me as playing with snakes, that is:  ripping out stitches.  I rarely do this, as I don't do it well.
Since this overall look of the pink silk-and-lace lining is decidedly feminine, I chose to add 2 rows of small horizontal pleats just above the top edge of the lace, neatly taking up and inch-and-a half of length. 
Pretty, non???

As for the waist - that, too, was simple.  I shored up my resistance and ripped out the tiniest possible number of stitches - sometimes there is simply no good alternative - on the ribbon band at one side seam (which is where the elastic ends were affixed), and removed 4 inches of elastic, and re-stitched the end.

All better now!

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  1. That book looks like a wonderful addition to one's library. I must have it. Make a beautiful thing!