Thursday, November 18, 2010

Work in Progress

I've been outside of the sewing loop lately. Other aspects of my life have commanded my attention.
For the skirt I recently made (post of 17 Sept 2010), I sewed a casual bamboo knit top to go with it for casual/business casual events (post of 19 Sept 2010), but I wanted something more dressy also. A beautiful coral silk habutai that I bought from Thai Silks ( at Expo this past March (post of 9 March 2010) is just the thing. It's not finished yet, but there is some progress:

It is all cut out of Vogue 8322, and interfacing - a medium-weight knit - is fused.

Buttons have been purchased that are so attractive as to serve for jewelry. [What was the thinking, here? I love getting new jewelry! Maybe it was that the coral-coloured stones on the buttons are fake. I should never wear real coral, as its production necessitates the destruction of a delicate biome, and I never wear fake jewelry, as -- why should I? -- my husband buys me the real stuff.]

Both machines are cleaned, oiled, have new needles and are threaded. Wait a minute -- both machines???? Since I am sewing a fine, drapey silk, oughtn't I construct with French seams instead of the serger???

Review post of 27 Sept 2009 for the answer.


  1. This is the first time I've visited here. Clicked on from YardSeller and think you have a great site. I sew but not with the finesse you do. Reading down on a couple of the other blogs, found them very imformative and interesting. Love the "quality control" expert. Hope you don't mind if I follow your blog.

  2. What lovely things you say! I certainly don't mind if you follow my blog -- that's why I write it!
    I might also suggest you check out my oldest daughter's blog (
    Katie is a much more prolific sewist and more frequent blogger than I.
    If your tastes run to knitting, and gourmet cooking, my youngest daughter has an interesting blog (
    Pardon me for bragging, but my little blog pales in comparison to theirs'!!!!

  3. Awww. Thanks, Mom!

    Pretty buttons, and yummy silk!! I hope you like the pattern - I can't wait until I can wear mine! Myra should have a top to match you, oh tomorrow maybe. I finally cut into the bamboo knit, and had plenty for a long sleeve tee for her, and there should still be enough for a dress in the spring. Sweet!

  4. Excellent! Myra and I shall be twins!
    she is going to love wearing the comfortable, snuggly-soft bamboo, and you are going to love caring for it -- I haven't managed to stain mine despite many sloppy BBQ lunches!