Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday deals

I must admit -- I am not generally a Black Friday shopper. There is hardly any bargain in the world worth getting up (or staying up) to stand in line in the dark, and fight crowds that will induce me to such behaviors. [I discourse in slightly greater length on this subject in my weekly column in the Panola Watchmen {}]
This year, however, I no longer live in a city that has ready access to all things retail, and I found myself visiting my daughter, and her family in Temple, TX. Hancock fabrics had a great sale on Vogue patterns that neither of us could resist (as, when have we tried?? OR: why would we????), so we braved Friday morning crowds, both of her little angels in tow to snap up some bargains. I got these:

The first two I bought because in the lines I saw many wearable art possibilities, and the others I liked pretty much as designed.

Then, when Mitchell finished rounds and came home to watch the kids for us, we headed to Austin, because neither of us had yet visited The Domain; and we rightly assumed that most of the ultra-high-end stores there would not have Black Friday deals that would attract huge crowds. We were half right: no deals, huge crowds anyway.
En Route to The Domain we spotted a Jo-Ann's, and, as I was looking for corduroy to make a jumper for Emma Rose to match a particular calico, we braved the crowds.
I found the fabric I wanted, and some velour for leggings to match. The velour is so wide that Myra will also get leggings out of the cut, and the corduroy was such a steal that I bought what remained on the bolt, giving me enough fabric for overalls for Brody out of them.

Wasn't this supposed to be the year that Sarahbelle sewed for Sarah?????

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  1. I love that Bagley Mischka jacket pattern. Make some beautiful things with your patterns. Of course, grandma must sew for the grands, also. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your daughter. What a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Gwen:

    You may recognize the Bagley Mishka from katiekadiddlehopper's post of a few days ago. When I saw the pattern, and partially completed jacket, I saw a lot of possibilities for it fitting in with my work wardrobe!
    We'll see how it looks when rendered in a more dignified colour, sans the Emilio Pucci-esque lining, and several sizes larger.

    Fingers crossed!!!!