Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Aunt Neno's vest is done.
And while, it is, of course, crass to brag, I must say: I'm pretty pleased with myself.
The closures gave me some concern, but my daughter Katie (of katiekadiddlehopper.blogspot.com), figured out the perfect solution -- hidden hooks and eyes. Brilliant! I had all ready decided to flat-apply the lining, and bind the edges (instead of the traditional bagging of the lining), so it was a simple thing to machine-sew hooks and eyes to the binding between edge-stitching it, and whip-stitching it to the lining. I used the 'flat button' feature on my Pfaff to sew the hooks and eyes.
Note the perfectly mitered corners on the binding -- kind of my trademark.
Now, may I just say: can I match a pattern on a CF, or what????
Thank you - thank you very much.

Now: on to the gabardine trousers I cut out in September!


  1. Wow, that really s a beautifully done piece. Even though I generally favor a buttoned up vest I think it would have been an amazing amount of work to match the pattern for that.

  2. Sabayon: and therein squats the toad. I had originally intended to attach a placket for buttonholes and construct self-covered buttons, and, while I am willing to do the work - there wasn't enough fabric for so large a pattern to make it happen.