Sunday, January 12, 2014

Flab update (sans photos)

Firstly:  why no photos???
So many reasons:
   1)  changes aren't profound enough to be visible, so  --  what would be the point?
   2)  it's awfully cold on the mountain, today, and this much goose-pimpled blue flesh in not at all appealing
   3)  can't find the blue polka-dotted swimsuit.

I shall, instead give what vitals I have.
This does not purport to be stupendous.  It has been very slo-o-o-o-o-o-w going.  Things started off nicely, with me attending a 12-week-long course of nutrition, exercise and behaviour modification taught at a local hospital.  It was a really good course, with some wonderful teachers, and great materials.  I can't honestly say that I learned a lot of new things (as an Extension Agent, I had all ready taken/taught much the same course, with many of the same materials); but, being accountable helped me stay on course.
Until I got a new job, that required immediate travel.
For 2 months I lived in a hotel, ate in restaurants, and never exercised.  I didn't even weigh myself.  I really didn't want to know.
Then the job started, and things went from bad to worse.  It was a horrible job, full of stress, late hours, crazy hours,  erratic eating schedule to NO eating schedule, and  --  did I mention stress???
The job now exists only on my resume (as I once again embark on THE JOB SEARCH), and my eating and exercising are back on track.  I'm even sleeping regularly. (!!)

Here are the numbers at this point, in what is proving to be a long journey:

Weight:  238     [down:  22 pounds]
BMI:      37.3    [down:  3.7pts.]
Bust:     49.5     [down: .5 in]
Waist:     45      [down:  3in.]
Hips:      52       [down: 4in.]
BP:        108/68    [down from (day I quit my job) 210/168]
Serum Glucose:  105   [down:  85]

So, my clothes aren't exactly falling off of me, but the ones that were uncomfortably snug, are now comfortable, and a couple of things that I couldn't even zip up 6 months ago now fit - more or less.  But the labs are far less scary-looking  (YAY!!!), and I am starting to feel better, sleep better, and have slightly more energy.

It's a nice, little start.


  1. It is not a little start. It is a FABULOUS start! I am so proud of you and for you for taking care of your health. Amazing change in your numbers. I knew you hated WMart - I did not realize it was literally killing you. I myself am inspired by you. As you know I am on the "seemingly never-ending" struggle towards being a healthier being. So I get inspired by reading about people making progress in their goals. Congratulations!

    1. Then you must pick up this week's People magazine (something I buy about once every 3-7 years). the cover features non-celebs who have lost half their body weight, or more -- none through surgery or dangerous practices.
      Very inspiring!!!!

  2. I too am trying to lose weight. Our measurements are very similar at the moment (& weight too).

  3. You are making progress, and that is what is important!

    1. Thanks!
      Slow going is hard -- but, I console myself believing that is more likely to be permanent!!