Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Contest!!!! {via Help request}

Here, Dear Readers, you get a chance to help a blogger, and novice quilt designer out.

I have a pattern for a log cabin quilt that, owing to careful selection of fabric, and even more careful arrangement of blocks, makes a heart.   {Awwwwwwwwww}
When I say, "I have a pattern", I mean that several years ago I saw this quilt hanging in a shop, thought it was lovely, and wanted to make it myself.  So, I whipped out a piece of scrap paper, and furiously sketched the quilt, then - because I am a terrible sketcher, I added copious notes to help the sketch make since.  It's not exactly a professional pattern, per se.  and, when I say, "per se", I mean: "not even close".

I am now ready to choose the fabrics for the quilt.

I've always wanted to render it in soft shades of greens (sage, mint, pistachio) and muted pinks, with the borders in ivory or cream.

Viola!  One of my favorite quilt shops' websites has just introduced a collection of prints from MODA that will fit the bill nicely.  Of course the collection's contents far exceed my need.
Hence the help/contest.

I need 2 greens that are close to each other in color values, 2 pinks that are similarly compatible, and an ivory or cream for framing the heart.

Please go to Old Country Store Fabric's website [link is embedded] and peruse the Paris Flea Market collection.

In the comments section below, list your recommendations for the fabrics I need to make this quilt.

I shall leave the contest open for a week or so, then, on 8 March I'll make my selection.

The person who suggests the colors that I decide to use, will receive a table runner made of the same fabrics.

Sound like fun????   I think so, too!


  1. I only saw 2 green fabric choices, so I guess I'm gonna choose those. So for the green, 3732 19 and 3734 19. For pinks, 3734 16 and 3731 16. For the cream or ivory, I'd go with 3734 11, unless you like the map look and then I'd go with 3736 11. I'm sure there are more fabrics in this line, but they didn't show up on this page.

    1. I like your selections!
      But, no to the map look!

      Funnily enough, when I clicked on the link, I couldn't get to page 2.

      I'll check into that.

    2. Oops -- it works fine.
      I was on the second page [!]

  2. I like the idea of mixing two scales of floral, like the big cabbage roses (3725 11 & 3725 16) with a smaller floral (3734 19 & 3734 16). After all that floral, I'd want something less wild for the sashing though, maybe even a solid cream? I'm not very adventurous though.

    1. So, you are liking big pinks, and little greens??
      Interesting . . .