Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sewing Summit Goodies

Woo hoo!!

Lookie what I got!!
Lookie what I got!!!
Lookie what I got!!!!

This fab-o package arrived in the mail today with lots of goodies from Sewing Summit.
I didn't even go to Sewing Summit.

But, my super-sweet daughter, Katie did.  She sent me swag & such from this year's Sewing Summit!  Naturally, this only whets my appetite, and solidifies my intent to attend next year's Sewing Summit.

You don't think was part of some diabolical plan on her part, do you??  No, she wouldn't do that.

Thanks, Katie!!!!


  1. I'm glad it found it's way to you!! The ladies who took quilting classes got even better swag in their classes. Should you be wondering about that...