Friday, July 6, 2012

Origami for non-paper

You know I like weird.
This should require no explanation, by now.

This, however, was weird, even to me.

The pattern is from The Sewing Workshop, called Origami Skirt.  I liked it the first time I saw it.  It's not quite a skirt (the left leg is completely encased), but it's not at all pants or culottes.  It's almost a hybrid of the three.  As I said:  weird.

For best effect, the fabric choice should  be something with a lot of drape, and a soft hand.  I chose a rayon challis in a colourful purple paisley/animal print.  More weirdness.  Perfect!

It sewed up easily, with no really tricky instructions; but, because the parts, are so atypical, close attention is warranted.  The left leg's pattern piece is unlike anything I've ever encountered, and it would be too easy to turn it upside down during construction, and not realize it until you wondered why the fit was so off.  I speak from experience.  This was my second execution of this pattern.  The first (made 6 years ago of a loose-weave linen) wound up in the trash.  I could never wear it, and didn't figure out what could possibly have gone so wrong, until last week, when I nearly threw the pattern out, but inspected it carefully instead.  An idea struck, and, because I had bought the fabric at a deep discount, I decided to try it again, marking top, bottom, and left/right sides all the while.

So glad I did!!

I love the drape, and the fact that it's strange, but people never quite know why it's strange.
I'm a woman of mystery  --  if contrived!

Here's the one tip I have that you won't find in the instructions:  careful measuring and pressing of facings and hems are critical to even placement of top-stitching.  A template will make the process easier, and more accurate.  You can buy templates, but why would you do that, when you can make them so easily of a manilla folder?  One manilla folder will result in 1/2in, 1in, 1.5in, 1.75in, 2in, 2.5in and 3in templates.   Simply select the one you want, place it on the wrong side of the edge to be folded, fold fabric over the template, and press.  Voila!!  Perfectly measured, pressed fold lines every time!

I love it when a plan comes together.


  1. You are not weird--just Avant Garde! This garment is an upbeat culotte. Very cute.

    1. Thanks, Gwen!
      I also happily accept the terms: eclectic, original, unique and artistic as happy synonyms for 'weird'.

      'Avant Garde' remains, however, a high accolade!!

  2. Great pressing tip!
    (A friend of KID's)