Monday, November 28, 2011

Help request

There may be a temporary dearth, or complete absence, of posts regarding new creations for a while.  I am full-tilt into Holiday sewing, and gift-sewing mode, and cannot posts gifts that haven't been gifted, yet.
I do, however, have one quick project looming that isn't a surprise, and i could use a little advice:

I am piecing a quilt top out of all Minkie fabric.  It's a pre-cut kit, that was on sale at a great price.
Because the Minkie stretches quite a bit, I am wonder how best to handle all the stitiching required for a blanket.
My options are:  my Pfaffie, with its incomparable walking foot; or the Baby Lock serger with Differential feed.  Because I am joining minkie to minkie, the differential feed setting ought, theoretically, be Neutral, but that may well not be the case, and I like having the option of making adjustments as I go. 

The serger uses a LOT more thread, and, since it's a blanket, ravels aren't an issue, so I can't really justify the expense, or added bulk.  But sergers go really fast, and -- well --  I like that!!!

Still, Pfaffie has never let me down, and she's all ready threaded with the right type/size needle and the right colour of thread, and the 1/4in. guided foot.

Since this was a pre-cut kit, I don't have any remnants with which to experiment, so I appreciate having the benefit of my readers' experience.

Any thoughts???


  1. Ok, while I'm not a quilter, I do sew a lot of fleece. Here are my thoughts - whatever you use, you want it to stretch with the fabric so the seams don't pop, but both serger and Pfaffie can do that. I'd worry most about the bulk that a serged seam would add within the quilt. A stitched seam will lie flat against the batting, but the serger might leave an unsightly ridge. I vote for Pfaffie, using a straight stretch stitch.

  2. I am leaning heavily towards Pfaffie, as well - although I hadn't considered the straight stretch stitch. I like that idea!
    No batting. Lindsay and I think that the Minkie will be warm enough, and we want more of an all-season blankie. The backing will be a thick cotton flannel - blue background with cars, lots of cars!
    I think you are right about the bulk along the seamlines - to say nothing of the intersection points of seams!
    Now: as to attaching the minkie (stretchy knit) top to the flannel (non-stretchy woven) -- serger for that???

  3. No, I'd use Pfaffie for that, too. Just put the stretch fabric against the feed dogs (no walking foot) and sew taut so that the dogs will ease the stretch into the woven. Sandra Betzina taught me that. Sort of.