Sunday, June 19, 2011

Why Quilters sometimes Sew.

I am currently taking a Block-of-the-Month class at Scharmann's Sewing in Longview. The gorgeous fabric collection selected for this quilt is all batik, called Tonga Rhapsody.

I have always loved batiks. Everything from traditional 1-colour wax-relief batiks, to the myriad of multi-coloured batik-style prints that are currently en vogue - I love them all.

A couple of months ago, when our block kits contained a new batik of mostly purples, corals and black; I took one look at 'Fig' and said, "Skirt!" The class thought I was nuts. [The preacher's wife in the class thought I had Tourrette's, and was simply grateful that I hadn't uttered something a little more classically Tourrette-like, but, I digress] They are getting used to my brand of nuttiness, so the instructor merely replied, "It's available by the yard."

It took a while to decide which skirt to make, and, although I have several recently-purchased skirt patterns that I haven't used yet, this New Look favorite from 1990 was selected. I chose the view with the front drape, and pleated swag. I wanted something a little atypical. Something casual, yet classy. Something no one else would wear, but not because it's too weird. {Although a little weird is always good with me.}

This skirt works up quickly, and resents few problems. The one thing I did different this time around is the waist treatment.
I do not have the same body I had in 1990. Yes, some grading up of sizes was involved. I decided to replace the 2-in straight, stiff waistband, with a 1/4 in bias-bound edge. I am very happy with this adaptation.

What do you think?
I can't wait to see this fabric made up into a quilt!


  1. "The class thought I was nuts."

    Well, can you blame them? what's nuttier than making a skirt out of a traditional apparel fabric.

  2. Love it!! That is such a great pattern, and I love the way the hip swags effect the flow of the color. Very cool. Now I need to make mine, and Myra's. If my fabric ever gets here from TX.