Sunday, May 1, 2011

$2.00 Outfit --- $2.00!!!!!

I pretty much always love sewing something cute for my adorable grandchildren, but how great is it when I can make something for them with so little money!?!?

This outfit for Brody began with a trip to Jo-Ann's for zippers to replace 2 that had broken. I went to Jo-Ann's for zippers. Just zippers. Really. I only needed zippers.

Alas, the Clearance section in the back of the store beckoned me. Haven't you ever had that happen?? Here I was, headed to the checkout with my 2 zippers, when a small, yet insistent voice could be heard from the back of the store, "Sar - ah. Sar r-r-r-ah! We have bargains back here." It would have been rude to not go and look.

I found 3 super-cute cotton interlock prints that needed to be children's tops/dresses. 2 of them will be outfits for Emma Rose (to be blogged about on completion), but this little print wanted to be part of a new short set for Brody. It told me so.

The fabric was $3.00/yd., but I only needed 1/2 to 3/4 of a yard to get Brody a shirt. Allowing for the possibility of shrinkage, I bought 3/4 yard. After deducting my professional discount, and adding tax, I paid just under $2.00. There was no shrinkage, and it was much wider than needed, so Katie (of will likely get a shirt for Duncan out of the remnants.
The pattern, thread, and ribbing were all ready on hand - remnants of sweatshirts/T's made long ago - and so, cost nothing.
The shirt wanted a cute pair of shorts to go with it, so I rummaged through my stash and found a great length of linen/rayon gabardine that I bought to make a skirt or pants for myself of. I haven't decided what to make of this gab, so I don't really know how much I'll need; but it is a weird width - 58 in. - so I used the 13in. difference in its width and a standard 45 in., to cut a pair of shorts. That way, I still have plenty of length for whatever I ultimately decide to make. The thread, elastic, and embroidery thread for the shorts were all leftovers from other projects, so my only investment is the original $2.00 spent on the interlock, and a coulple of very enjoyable hours. It goes in the mail Monday.

I can't wait to see how cute Brody is in it!!!


  1. Too cute! The red topstitching on the shorts is super cute.

  2. Adorable! That is an $80 outfit!