Thursday, April 7, 2011

It adds up to Quilting


It has been a while since I have blogged. Some of you may have thought that I quit sewing. au contraire. I was working on a project that is intended to be a surprise for my husband, who occasionally see my blog posts when they are cross-posted on Facebook; and, since the surprise is for him - I couldn't risk ruining it.

Most quilts have a story, a reason (a rationale, if you will) that the artist chose to create that quilt, with those fabrics, in those colours at that time. While I believe that "I wanted to" is reason enough to start ripping fabric, this quilt does have more of a story.

My husband teaches High School Math - brilliantly, I am told. A month or so ago, he was notified that he is receiving an award for his endeavors. One of his students was given the assignment (in AP English) to write an essay chronicling a person of influence in his life. He wrote about David. The English teacher submitted his name for the award, and a committee of august School Board members concurred. I should note that David, a retired Green Beret, who spent 2.5 years in Iraq post-retirement, and only finished college recently, while convalescing from injuries sustained in Iraq; has only been teaching for 3 years. This is his 1st year at this High School. Yes -- I am understandably proud of him!

When David told me about the award, I wanted to commemorate it, somehow. I remembered that he has a favorite saying, "We all use Math every day." He has this saying on a small sign in his classroom, (a bumper sticker, actually), but it is getting quite faded. I wanted him to have something more permanent, and bigger. So, with the combined help of my Elna embroidery machine, my Pfaffie, outfitted with 1/4in guide and walking foot, and the staff at Carthage's own, The Whistling Chicken [thanks, Diana!!!], I eventually produced this banner.

It not only features David's favorite saying, but I incorporated as many mathematical examples as I could. Featured in the piecework are: right angles, isosceles triangles, right triangles, rectangles representing 2:1, 2.5:1, 3:1, 3:2, 3:1.5 proportions, and squares. There are arcs in some of the stitching.

I'm giving it to him tonight, just before the Banquet. What do you think???

Fergus likes it.


  1. It's beautiful - congratulations to your husband.

  2. Wow, that is just amazing. I know he will love it. Congratulations to him. It's a real honor when a student thinks that much of a teacher.