Monday, October 4, 2010

Fuzzy, Hoppy quilt (top only, so far)

When Varina and I visited Sewing & Stitchery Expo, one of the many quilt patterns I purchased was the "Hip Hop Quilt" from N.E.I Enterprises ( OR: When my son, Daniel ( OR: ) called to tell me that his anticipated child was going to be a daughter, I knew I wanted to make this for her in pinks and pastels. Particularly, I wanted the bunnies and carrots to be fuzzy and soft, so they are made of Minkie, and the bunny tails are made of fake fur. ( No actual rabbits were harmed in the making of this quilt.)
This quilt top went together beautifully. It probably would have gone even easier, if I had paid closer attention to instructions, and not made a couple of mistakes. For instance: I somehow cut out 2 bunnies facing left and one facing right - opposite the directions. I didn't think that would matter in the least, but it affected the direction of the carrots, and the number of 12 in. strips vs. 18 in. strips in the closest border. This cause some measure of angst, as, except for the bunnies, carrots and their backing blocks (which was made of fabric purchased for this quilt) , all of the strips and squares were made of fabrics scraps from other projects. The peach sprigged gingham was first used in a quilt I made for my first grandson, -- 2 years before he was conceived. No running to the store for more of this fabric!! Fortunately, I had enough to cut more of the needed strips.
The "Baby Girl" fabric (2nd border) is scraps from a quilt I made for Myra. (I made blankies for my other grandson, Brody, but they were all blue, and didn't work for this quilt. Brody will soon be joined by a new boy-cousin, and will contribute scraps for a quilt for him -- someday.)
So, this quilt is a little bit from Logan, and a little bit from Myra, and a lot bit from Oma Sarah. I hope that someday Emma Rose will love it, as much as I love her.

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  1. Very cute!! Minkee bunnies are such a fun idea!