Monday, January 18, 2010

Trouble with my Chest

Eyes up -- I didn't mean that chest -- I meant my thread chest.
After opening, and inspecting, and trying to fit my Christmas goodies into my tiny sewing room, I realized that I needed someplace accessable in which to store the 250 spools of embroidery machine thread that came with my machine. (When my husband decides to do something nice, he doesn't do it halfway!) I considered several options at several pricepoints, and while I was researching/considering/agonizing, my sweet husband perused E-Bay and found this lovely oak thread chest.
Great idea! I have, however, hit a little snag: Actually, 2 snags:
The chest holds a total of 240 spools of thread, and I received 250 for Christmas, and all ready had a dozen or so spools. [h-m-m-m, I have been buying spools of embroidery thread for nearly 15 years, so maybe it wasn't too surprising that David figured out to buy me an embroidery machine without any hinting on my part.] So, I have to decide which spools do not rank storage in the chest.
Also, I divided the thread into 8 color groups; but, I only have 6 drawers. Clearly, I need to combine groups. But, wait! Each drawer hold 40 spools, and some groupings have over 40 spools in them.
* * * s i g h * * *
Well: I love a challenge!