Monday, July 27, 2009

Virgin Post

Welcome to SarahbelleSews!

I am very new to blogging, not at all new to sewing.
In the coming weeks I shall introduce myself, my family, my passions (which are not limited to sewing -- expect the ocaissional recipe, rant, picture of my grandkids and/or cat).

We'll have fun sewing, cooking, talking about sewing and learning from each other!


  1. Well then...Welcome to the blog world. I follow Katie's blog and she mentioned you have ventured out into our little world. Glad to see you here. Can't wait to get to know you and see your creations...

  2. Now you have to reciprocate. Back in the ancient days when I had to iron EVERYTHING, I would cheat and use foil folded over creases to make them stay. Course I did melt a few items. Worked great on Kahki twill pants though.