Monday, May 14, 2012

The Other Good Snake

Those who know me well, know that I am fond of saying, "The only good snake is one that has been made into a pretty pair of shoes."   Whilst I have no intention of recanting that statement, I am willing to amend it to read:  " . . . or piece of apparel."

Thus:  my snake pants.

Regular readers of this blog will remember that I purchased this fabric on a whim (and a dang nice sale!!!); with no real idea of what to make of it, other than that it would be for something below waist.   I didn't want to obscure the pattern by doing the cutting and piecing necessary to get a decent fit above the waist.   {You know what I mean:  boobies.}  Then, a friend gave me a wonderful pants pattern, when she discovered a duplicate in her stash.  (Oh, come on  --  we've all done it!)

This is a Linda MacPhee design for one-piece pants.  This view is of the side seams.  What???   You can't find it??  That's because there aren't any side seams!  [Ha ha!  Gets 'em every time!]

Naturally these cut out and stitched up quickly, but here's the really great part:  because I was overly-tired (read: don't do this yourself) I didn't measure anything, and just cut them out according to my general size.  I reasoned that, since I had very little money invested, and could always use another pair of comfy pants for putzing around the house, I didn't care if they looked funky, as long as I could get them on.

Surprise!  They fit great!!!   There is very little fit to them, so, if they are big enough to not bind, but not so big that they fall off or drag the floor  --  they fit!  Turns out, they glide along my lumps and bumps in a most flattering way, and the loosely-woven rayon challis is a dream to wear!  This is now my favourite pair of pants!!!

I wear them with my RED snakeskin clogs. Actual rattler - dyed red.  What?  I live in Texas - no one will miss one or two less rattlers. These, then, are the only other good snake.